Size Matters: Our Tricky Stay at Desert View RV Resort

by | Oct 19, 2023 | BLOG, Resort, Travel Tips, VIDEO


Size Matters: Our Tricky Stay at Desert View RV Resort


When RVing along Route 66, you might come across Desert View RV Resort in Needles, CA. It seemed like a solid choice, especially when we booked a 46-foot site for our 44-foot rig. But as we found out, length isn’t the only dimension to consider.

The Good:

  • Well-Kept and Secluded: This resort has a lot going for it, including clean grounds and a quiet atmosphere, ideal for those looking to relax.

The Unexpected:

  • Booking Confusion: We booked a 46-foot site thinking our 44-foot Riverstone would fit comfortably. Upon arrival, the manager informed us we wouldn’t fit and moved us to a 62-foot site.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Narrow Confines: Although the 62-foot site accommodated our rig’s length, it was far from spacious in width.

  • Leveling Jacks and Patio: Even in our new site, the leveling jacks barely missed hitting the patio, proving that even a longer site isn’t necessarily better for larger rigs.

  • Narrow Exit Road: Leaving the site was more challenging than anticipated due to the narrow road that we had to pull out onto.


Desert View RV Resort may be great for smaller rigs, but for larger setups like ours, it poses some unique challenges. If you’re considering a stay here with a big rig, don’t just look at the site length—consider the width and exit paths as well.