Review: The Surf RV Resort

by | Apr 10, 2023 | BLOG, Resort, VIDEO

Because Ellen and I got a late start to the season in 2022, when we were first starting our Full-Time RV journey, we were late trying to book spots to stay in Florida for the November to March winter window.  

After some panic, desperation and some very helpful staff at Zeman Resorts, we were able to secure some space at The Tides in Palmetto, FL for November, and then another spot at The Surf down the road for the rest of the winter.

These were not the least expensive spots that’s for sure, but the quality, convenience, and friendliness of the staff, it turned out to be the place for us.

As an added bonus we met dozens of new friends that made the stay extra special.

In this video we talk a bit more about the resort as well as the many things there are to do in the area.

We hope you like our first video!